Do you need some support for your admin staff?

Are you a business that is hiring in some admin support, but needs someone with knowledge and experience to support them through their first few weeks or months on the job?

A mentoring call can help you train new staff quickly and give your assistant the confidence and focus to quickly enable them to support you in your business.

Would you like to chat about whether a call is right for your assistant or feel you need more than one hour’s support?

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Things I can help you with:

Key skills

Key skills for admin staff

Diary management

Diary Management

Inbox management

Inbox Management

Time Management

Time Management

Workforce management

Managing a team

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Handling difficulties

Handling difficult situations

Document Creation

Document creation



Budget Creation and Management

Budget creation and Management

Setting Goals & Objectives

Setting goals and objectives

Getting admin support can be a lifesaver

Getting admin support can be a lifesaver for a business but getting your new team member up to speed and successfully working through their to do list can take time—time you might not have to spare.

My mentoring calls are a perfect solution. I can help support your admin staff so you can focus on building revenue and growing your business.

The calls are bespoke, based on the needs of your business. You fill in a quick survey so we understand the areas of focus for the call and your new team member leaves the session with a targeted action plan to see them through their first few weeks/months.

Need more than an hour?

There is also the option for regular sessions.

Case Study – New Team Member Mentoring

What the client wanted…

This client was looking to support her new PA to quickly become comfortable in her role. This was the first admin role the PA had been in, and my client wanted to help her feel confident in their busy office environment. Other PAs have been intimidated by the environment and have quickly left the business.

What I did….

Worked with the client to understand their priorities and required outcome for the sessions.
On the call with the PA, we identify what they thought were the top skills of a PA and then asked them to choose the three areas they felt they needed the most support. We took each of these areas in turn and talked through strategies that could be implemented to help the PA increase their skills and confidence. Following this we set realistic objectives.
We then had a follow up call one month later to review the status and set further objectives.

What the client got…

A happy PA who has now been with the organization for eight months, longer than others in the same role. Her confidence grew quickly, and she was able to manage her time and the demands of a busy role without becoming overwhelmed.

Not sure if a coaching call will work for you?

Would you like to chat about whether mentoring calls are right for you?

Maybe you know you need more than one hour’s support?

Book a free 20 minute call so can discuss your requirements.