A VA – a luxury or a necessity?

Some may consider a VA a luxury, someone who can be there to do the tasks that you don’t want to…maybe it’s bookkeeping, chasing invoices, or making appointments. It’s true, of course, as a business owner the dream is to handover any tasks that you find boring!

A different view is that a VA is necessary for a small business to be able to function efficiently and effectively. Rather than seeing a VA as someone who can pick up the dreaded tasks and respond to your request, consider the VA as a proactive business partner who is an expert in their field providing strategic business management services.

This mindset and strategy gives small businesses a number of strategic advantages


A VA can establish processes and systems to help a small business run efficiently. For example, automating reports can save time on a monthly basis. These efficiencies can lead to major time and cost savings.


With a VA managing the day to day aspects of the business, the business owner, and if applicable, the team can focus on the revenue-generating aspects of the business, be that gaining new clients or working on product/service delivery.


Small businesses often have limited resources with individuals covering a number of roles and responsibilities. This can work well but there are certain areas that require a specific skill set. Managing the running of a profitable and sustainable business should be left in the hands of an expert, someone with a commercial understanding.

Cost savings

Outsourcing to a VA is more cost-effective, for a small business than recruiting a full or even part-time business manager. A small business is likely to need reduced hours and contracting this role minimises the risk associated with adding to payroll.


A VA hired in this capacity can help to drive strategy and growth by managing projects and ensuring accountability.

In summary, finding a skilled VA that is the right fit for a small business can lead to a highly profitable and sustainable business and is essential to staying ahead in uncertain, turbulent times.

So, what do you think, is a VA a luxury or a necessity?

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