How to keep your business organised

I love organisation, I love to plan in all aspects of my life. Spreadsheets, colour coding, meal plans, filing systems, processes, and systems! I’m lucky that my career means that I can help others be organised too. My favourite calls are from clients asking how to keep your business organised

What are the benefits to my business to being organised?

It’s simple, the more organised you are, the easier it is to operate. Without systems or processes in place something that could take 10 minutes could take 20 minutes. If you think about this, it basically means you are operating at 50% capacity. Put the correct organisational processes in place and you could potentially double production. This ultimately leads to more revenue…what business owner doesn’t want that!!

How do I get organised?

This depends on the business and the areas that are causing the delays. I would recommend listing all the tasks that you complete and then identifying the ones that could be managed in a more efficient way. This could be as simple as setting up a spreadsheet with automated formulas, adding rules to your inbox to manage emails more effectively, or developing an electronic filing system.

Can I get help?

When you’ve been working in a certain way for a length of time it’s often impossible to see that there could be another way, especially when you’ve worked hard to build your business to the point it is at. However, hiring a consultant to do this for you will give you objective recommendations that you can choose to implement yourself or hire them to do it for you.

If you feel like your business has grown to a point but has not able to develop any further than I recommend this as a solution for you. Integrating simple process and system changes to your business will allow you to step to the next level seamlessly.

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