Keeping busy in quiet times

There is a danger in quiet times that we sit back, watch Netflix and eat chocolate. However, this is the complete opposite of what we should be doing. If you’re a small business owner and wonder how you can stay productive and keep busy during quiet times read on… 


Make sure you have a consistent presence, tell your audience that you have the capacity and engage with your audience. The key is also to plan ahead, write future blog articles, and schedule social media for the months to come. This way, when you are busy again, your marketing won’t be forgotten. 

Get organised

Always wanted to tidy your inbox, unsubscribe from all of those junk emails or file the mountain of paperwork? Now’s your chance! Putting systems and processes in place now will mean that you’ll be prepared for when the work starts coming in and will stop you from getting in a mess again.

Bookkeeping and taxes

Instead of leaving your expenses and taxes to the last minute, spend time now making sure your records are up to date and accurate.

Strategic planning

Do you have goals in place? Maybe these need revisiting and amending, think about the position you are in and where you would like to be. Once you know what your goals are you can develop a strategic plan with the actions needed to get you there. Having a trackable plan to work towards will help you feel motivated as you’ll be achieving things on a weekly and monthly basis. 


Use the quiet time to develop a new skill or enhance an existing one. Find out what your clients are looking for from a business like yours and choose the area of development based on this. If you enhance your offer with something that people want you will instantly be move valuable to them.


I don’t network in person as this takes time and money, it’s not just the cost of participation but also travelling to and from the venue. There are so many opportunities to interact and engage with people online with minimal time and cost. Expand your Linkedin network, join relevant Facebook groups and engage on posts. 

Now this has got you started, I’m sure you can think of many other productive tasks to being doing during quiet times…get off the sofa, grab a coffee, make a list and go!

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