Managing your inbox

According to a study by The Independent, workers in the UK spend the equivalent of 30 days a year on emails, typically two hours per day. I would imagine that this figure is increasing with so many people working from home and communicating remotely with teams and clients.

But is this time used productively or could it be halved if we adopted more productive habits. We’ve all been guilty of re-reading old messages, checking for updates and sending emails when a phone call would be quicker.

So, how many hours a day do you spend on emails and are their any tricks that you are missing that could increase your email productivity?

Here are some of my top tips to stop email from consuming your day…

  • Use rules and filters to easily manage emails by project or importance
  • Unsubscribe from emails that aren’t relevant rather than just delete
  • Set up folders so that you can store emails to easily find later
  • Plan regular times every day to respond to emails so that you are not distracted when trying to complete other tasks
  • Deal with each email that enters your inbox once. Read the email, digest its content, work out what needs to be done, and handle it there and then
  • Create templates if you often send similar replies
  • Turn off email notifications so that you’re not tempted to look at your inbox when you should be doing something else

A couple of other tips that might not save you time but are good habits to get into are…

  • Check your junk emails regularly to make sure you don’t miss anything, a new lead could be sitting there waiting for you to find it
  • Delay delivery if you are working on a weekend/evening but don’t want to disturb a client or team member until Monday / the morning

Of all these tips I think the most effective are scheduling a couple of times during the day to handle emails and handling the email only once, making a decision and putting an action into place immediately stops emails from building up and taking up valuable time in your day.

If you find that these ideas do not work for you and you are still struggling it might be time to consider handing over the management of your emails to someone else who will manage this process for you and leave you to handle only the most important emails.

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