Awards and accreditations to elevate your business

In an increasingly competitive environment, how do you stand out?

Many small businesses try to own their space through digital marketing and social media, sharing their personality in the hope to attract the right customers. However, with competitors providing very similar offers how can you stand out and emphasise your position as a leader in your field?

I’ve worked with many of my clients to achieve awards and accreditations to highlight their commitment and expertise. Some can be industry-specific others can be general which shows your commitment to excellence and will attract like-minded clients.

What’s the benefit?

  • They can give customers peace of mind and builds trust
  • They give you authority in your space
  • They help you to attract the right clients
  • They can often be financially rewarding with the opportunity to earn referral fees

What kind of awards and accreditations are available?

People / HR

Awards and accreditations in the area of HR show a commitment to your employees helping to retain and attract the best people. An example of awards available in this area includes Investors in People and Great Place to Work.


This is such a key issue and a commitment to ethical issues and sustainability is now an expectation. Evidence of sustainable practices can be at the forefront of many consumers’ decision-making processes. As it’s such a current topic it’s important to choose the right accreditation, a decision that is largely based on your industry. This guide, aimed at consumers, highlights the most trusted certifications.

Industry-specific accreditation

Ask yourself what systems and areas you are an expert in? Are accreditations available in these areas? For example, do you offer email marketing and use Mailchimp, why not become a Mailchimp xx or if you are a bookkeeper, can you achieve certification in your chosen accounting software?

Industry-specific awards

Applying for awards in your industry highlights your achievements and gives you a great opportunity to talk about your nominations and hopefully wins on social media. A quick google can often return a list of awards available in your industry with criteria and deadlines.

Become a member of a regulatory body

Although costly, this highlights your commitment to industry standards, keeps you up to date with the latest developments, provides access to training and templates, and networking opportunities.

How to go about it

Start by finding out what’s important to your potential clients? What would give them the confidence to work with you or buy your products?

Once you’ve understood this, you’ll be able to narrow down your search and find the awards and accreditations in this area that you qualify for and would have the biggest impact on your business.

Of course, you can manage these applications yourself but working with a consultant can take the stress out of the process. They can provide an objective viewpoint to really maximise your chances of success. Some of the processes are extensive and require commitment and focus.