Top PowerPoint tips

PowerPoint…love or hate it there are times when it can’t be avoided! Here are my PowerPoint tips to make you life a little bit easier…

Customise your Ribbon

Spend 10 minutes setting up your Ribbon with your most frequently used commands and you will save so much time in the future as everything you need will be laid out in front of you. It’s simple to do, just follow the below steps…

Right click in an empty space in the ribbon, select Customise the Ribbon. You will now see a screen that allows you to add/take away commands

Create slide masters

Slide masters allow you to create a template for each of the different layouts that you want to use in the presentation saving you from having to format each individual slide.

 Under View, select Slide Master. On the left you will see the slide layouts created by Microsoft. Delete or amend these as required by applying your font, colours and layouts. You can create a number of layouts for title pages, text, images and charts. Once finished Exit Master View and begin to create your deck. If you need to change a slide to a different layout, right click on the slide and select layout to choose the layout required.

Change all text to upper or lower case

The is one of my best PowerPoint tips as it’s saved me so much time.

Often putting together a presentation requires taking slides from different sources and combining to make a master document. To make sure that the use of upper and lower case text is consistent use this shortcut to avoid hours retyping content.

Highlight the text, use SHIFT + F3. Continue hitting F3 until the text is the style you require.

 Aligning objects

I used to spend hours trying to line up objects on a slide before discovering this shortcut…it’s a true time saver and makes a presentation look sleek and polished.

Hold down Shift and select the objects that need to be aligned, select Arrange in the Shape Format bar and select the Alignment Type from the drop down box.

Embed font files

Have you ever created a presentation and turned up to present using a different laptop and all of the fonts are wrong? This is because the font is not installed on the presenting laptop. There is a trick to make sure that this last minute drama is avoided (if you are using a PC and presenting on a PC rather than a mac)…

Select File, Options and Save. At the bottom of this page, select the “Embed TrueType fonts” check box and press “OK.” The presentation will keep the font file and your fonts will not change when you move computer.

Ensure lines are straight

When inserting lines, it is common for them to not be totally straight. Here’s a little trick to avoid wonky lines!

Insert the line, right click, Format Shape, Size & Properties. For a vertical line set the height to 0 and for a horizontal line set the width to 0.

Colour match

It’s often necessary to match a client’s branding in your presentation and one of the hardest things to perfect is the colour, getting an exact match can be trick. Use the eyedropper tool to match a colour accurately.

 Select the item that you want to colour match, select Colouring Format, Eyedropper Tool. Use the tool to hover over the colour you want to colour and click when the right colour shows in the box.

Embed Excel files

If you have Excel files that will be updated regularly and the changes need to be reflected in the presentation it is best to embed the Excel file rather than copy and paste.

Copy the chart, switch to PowerPoint and in the Home tab click Paste. Select Paste Special and Paste Link and Microsoft Excel Chart Object. Remember to right click the chart in PowerPoint and select Updated Link when the data has been updated in Excel.

Use presenter view

The last of my PowerPoint tips is to make sure you use the right setting whilst presenting. The easiest way to present is using Presenter View. This option allows you to see the full presentation and your notes whilst the audience only see the current slide.

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