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What kind of people really work with a VA?

The very best thing about working as a VA is the variety of tasks and activities that I get to be involved in. No day is the same, one hour I can be online shopping for gifts for a client’s team, the next hosting a Zoom conference and the following day project managing a website build.  My clients vary too, the companies that I work with range from small to large, cover several industry sectors and have very different needs. If you’ve ever wondered what type of company works with a VA or project manager here is a brief snapshot of just a few of my lovely clients…

One of my very first clients, who I have worked with on various projects over the past couple of years, is a large, international company. I’ve worked on a number of projects, the latest is providing external support with workforce management. The ultimate goal is to ensure efficiencies are achieved and increase employee engagement. This has been especially challenging during the pandemic, dealing with all of the complexities this has brought such as furlough and adjusted working patterns.  

The next client came on board in March, at the start of the first lockdown. A successful events company that quickly pivoted to host virtual events. It’s been so successful that they needed a second, and now multiple, pairs of hands to managing the volume of events! The events range from 1-hour presentations to full-day conferences with 100s of attendees. My job is to look after the tech side of the day and ensure the delegates have a seamless experience.

I started working with another client as they adjusted to remote working. Initially, my job was to help pull the new processes and working styles together. They’ve had a fabulous start to the year and I’m now focusing on support the founder and making sure the processes stay in place. It’s fast-paced with lots of new business being won, the team are passionate and driven to achieve.

As you can see the companies are all very different and in turn, the services that I provide to each are unique to them and range from a few ad-hoc hours a month to a more regular agreement with a set number of hours a week. Often my remit evolves, I start supporting one area and things organically grow as business needs change and my support is required it other areas.  

My clients all have one thing in common though…they all have focus and determination to grow their business and understand the importance of investing in the right kind of support, whether this is finance, marketing or project management and admin, to allow them to focus on what they do best. I love being part of their success. 

 Do you see yourself in any of the above examples and can think of tasks that could benefit from being handing over to a capable pair of hands? If so, send me an email, so we can arrange a time to chat about you and your business needs.