Why should I hire a VA?

The first thing to ask is why wouldn’t you hire a VA? Some people are put off by the expense, believe that they don’t need any help, and others think they wouldn’t know what to give them or how to explain a task. It’s easier just to do it yourself, right?

Outsourcing is proving to be the smart way that a small business can maximise its resources and grow.

The top 5 benefits of outsourcing tasks to a VA are…

1. Saves you time to focus on growing your business or taking time for yourself.

Think about your hourly rate and then consider how much it is costing you to complete those admin tasks. Do you really need to be the one to enter that data, format that document or chase that invoice? Would a better use of your time be doing what you do best and ultimately growing your business? As well as focusing on your business, hiring a VA could also give you that all important downtime that you need with family and friends. Consider that, instead of leaving all your admin related tasks to the evening and weekend, you give the majority of these tasks to a VA and have the evenings and weekends off!

2. A VA is experienced at what they do and can save you time and money

As you are an expert at what you do, a VA is an expert at what they do. They can complete the admin tasks that often sit on a business owner’s to do list with ease. With no distractions these items can be completed and ticked off your to do list quickly and efficiently.

3. Offers flexibility

A VA can flex with your business, pay for extra hours when you are busy and less during quiet times. It’s not like hiring an employee and paying a salary, you choose the budget, timings and you don’t pay to employ someone when they are not needed. You also have the option to employ more than one VA as they can have very different skill sets, you have the flexibility to choose an expert in whichever area you need support in.

4. Consistency

Working with a VA over a temp offers consistency to you and if relevant, your customers. Consistency brings efficiency and accuracy; both help to ease any concerns that you may feel over outsourcing work. Once a relationship is developed with a VA handing over tasks or projects will become easier and you’ll establish a routine that will make working with this person a dream and a smart business choice.

5. No on costs (tax, NI etc)

You pay the hourly rate and it stops there! No desk or computer to budget for, no sickness or taxes to pay. A VA is self-employed so covers all these costs themselves. It really is as simple as receiving an invoice at the end of the month!

To sum it up, working with a VA really is the cost effective, efficient way to get you and your business where you want to be.

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